Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pick up

I am now seeing more and more opps being available through payperpost. SO if you're worried about having nothing available to you, just be patient. Hang in there bloggers! :)

LA Police Gear- SP

One stop shopping for the latest and most dependable police gear, this website points you directly to the best items out there, including under armour, holsters, Surefire new flashlights, and more. The site includes live help and is equipped with yahoo shopping. Take a look to find your favorite items and brands.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adsense Income?

I'm confused with how google adsense works. I have the code on my page, but when I look at the reports, it says that I have only had 17 or so page impressions. I also have google analytics installed on my page and when I run those reports, I see that I have many more pageviews and visits than 17. How do I make money through adsense? Am I just forgetting or missing an important part?

It's seems only harder to monetize.

I've been searching different blogs and have been having a really hard time finding new monetization opportunities. I'm not really sure what actually happened with the google page ranking, but I am seeing this to have had a huge impact on sponsored post offerings and the ability to make any sort of money through blogging.

Rapid Growth of Silver

Ever thought about investing in silver?

There are now numerous reasons to do so. With demands growing higher and higher, the supply is lessening, only causing silver to be more valuable. Silver has industrial and medical uses. Due to its unique qualities, silver is non-replaceable for its purposes. Monex Deposit Company can help you with your silver investments. They understand the value of silver now and the values that it will grow to. You can order coins or an ingot of silver (kind of looks like a brick of silver). The amount of silver available is quickly decreasing, driving the value up. There will only be less silver available in the future, so now is a better time than ever to jump on this investment. By ordering through Monex, you will be dealing with professionals. They offer delivery and/or they can even help you arrange to have your silver put into a safe deposit box.

Maybe this isn't the way to go...

Maybe writing posts for money is not the way to go. I can't imagine that the traffic I am generating here is for interest purposes, because really, who wants to read all the sponsored posts. But a blogger has to got to make a living too. What can a person do around here to make some money. I need to find a purpose... a real message or topic for my blogging to have a steady readership. Ideas please...

Wanting to take a moment from the money making..

and come back to why blogs started to begin with. Let me pay a tribute to one of those blogs, that is used for journaling and rants. Stripy Bubble is a real blog that has lengthy posts that really come from inside. Whether it be a response to a moment of work life or just a random fact that should be shared, the blog makes you feel all cozy inside. It's what a blog should be. I hope everyone will take the time to take a gander and leave a comment over there. Drop your entrecard while you're over there.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sedona Method- The Secret integrated with Tolle

So everyone has heard of The Secret, and perhaps many of you have heard of A New Earth. The Sedona Method brings the methods taught in these books to a more practical sense so that it is easier to apply to your own life. The Sedona Method brings The Secret’s mastery of the laws of attraction together with releasing control from your ego, which is the focus of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. The Sedona Method has been described as “the leading edge of the peaceful revolution.” The importance of the Sedona Method is the integration of the two theories presented in each of those books.

This method will show you how you can overcome barriers that you have perceived to be standing in your way. You will learn to have what you want and how you want it. On this page, you can listen to audio clips that aid the understand of The Sedona Method.

Go to their website to learn how The Sedona Method is the bridge between The Secret and the Law of Attraction. On the website, you can also receive free CD, DVD, and Mp3s to begin working on yourself and your life as taught through the Sedona Method.

Lull with smorty

I don't know what's going on, because used to be my big money maker, but recently, there have been no opportunities given to me from their site. Maybe it's because I've started to partake in's opps. If I could go back in time though, I'd stay with smorty.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

W.H. Stark House- SP

For my next trip to Texas, I’m going to make sure to check out the W.H. Stark House. This looks like the most gorgeous historic site that I have ever seen pictures of. This is a fifteen room house that is still furnished with the original items and art collections of the Stark family. This house is located in the city of Orange, Texas and has regular tours available. If you check out the website and click the link to tours, you will be able to see some photos of rooms that are not available on the real life tour of the house and also learn some facts that you may miss while you’re there visiting. You can even take a virtual tour.
This house was built in 1894 and occupied until the deaths of the owners in 1936. The house was untouched until 1971 when it was restored for 10 years and then opened to the public for you to view.
While you are either on the site or at the tour, you won’t be able to miss the wonderful art collections that William Henry Stark and Miriam Melissa Lutcher Stark had amassed. The collection includes the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte, a Steinway Grand Piano, different figurines, different portraits, the Hupmobile Roadster in mint condition, and different vases. The Stark Family house is included in the National Register of Historic Places, and is named by the Texas Historical Commission as a historic landmark.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back after a break from blogging

I'm back for a little now and after Tuesday I'm here for good. Tax day is coming up, and once it's over, I'm out of a day time job for a couple weeks. So.. now I'll be posting daily, if not more.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kettering University!

What's better than learning through hands on experience? I can't tell you enough how little college prepared me for the work world. If I was shoved into an office the day after I graduated in the field that I majored in, I'd probably just sit at a desk and wait for someone to come lecture me. I was good at that, because that's what I learned to do while I was in school.
I came across Kettering University's website and really wished that I had been offered an opportunity like they offer their students. They focus on hands on experiences through their co-op programs. From continuing education classes, to undergraduate degrees, to master’s degrees, they offer it all and all through co-ops. These majors include industrial engineering and engineering co-op programs.
After looking around more on their site, I learned that they were rated #1 by US News for the Best Colleges for eight years in a row now. It is also rated the best Midwestern college by the Princeton Review.
I really wish I had known about options like this when I was applying. I know for a fact that this would be a better preparer for the real world than just listening to lectures only for 4 years.

Reporting my blahness!

Just wanted to report on my ongoingons :)
Just realized I'm really far from where I want to be, as well as not even on the starting track to getting where I want to be. Just hope I'm not 'one of those,' because out of a lot of people, I'm one that deserves to be where I was to be. (I do have a not modest sense of entitlement.)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about... that's the point. Farewell.

Be Oyster Aware!

If I could have oysters offer anything other than pearls, I would ask for them to offer endless love, but since oysters are already an aphrodisiac ;) then I think it'd be nice if oysters offered up quarters, so that you never get a parking ticket at a meter and have the quarters handy. jk. I don’t mind the pearls that they offer, but I do prefer the black pearls rather than the white.
When eatingGulf oysters or any seafood, it's important to be an informed consumer and do everything in your capacity to avoid being at risk. This website provides a lot of information of what to look for, what you should worry about and which bacteria may endanger you. This site provides you with ways to feel and be safe about eating oysters.
If you believe that you have come in contact with oysters containing these bacteria, this website provides you with the symptoms and different forms of treatment. You can feel pretty safe using the recipes on the site as well. There are so many delicious recipes to choose from.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'll review your blog.

If anyone wants to review my posts or blog (interesting psych articles at the beginning of the archives) we can exchange reviews. Write a post and comment to this post with a link to your review and I'll post a link and a review of yours. :)

Opportunities go fast on sponsored post sites

I've noticed that there are opportunities available on sites such as Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog and have opportunities available to me for only a couple minutes. If i don't grab it when I see it, then it's gone. On smorty, I haven't had any offers recently, but I know that that is due to the fact that I've only been checking at odd hours. When I was making a steady stream on money, I was always checking the site between 6-7 pm Eastern time. With payperpost, I know that I need to work on my pagerank before I can have a steady stream of income from there. I'm also hoping to get off of blogger to have more customization options available in regards the the layout.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buzzfuse- Marketing for your blog, music, and pictures... is a site that helps you get your word and creativity out in to the world. You create a circle on contacts and the bigger that circle is, the more traffic you can drive to your blog. Every time you add register either a post or some material with buzzfuse, it is automatically sent to your circle. The site is really easy to use and even if you don’t understand what I’m explaining here, does a great job of explaining it’s purpose in a very clear cut way. Sign up for free and increase your traffic quickly. Don’t forget to register each of you posts (if you’re a blogger) on this site, so that people are kept up to date with what you have to say… Enjoy.

Check out this new music

Ceramic Smile

Monday, March 10, 2008

A little bit adds up..

Please help... just one dollar from each of my readers will quickly help me reach my goal. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lag in money making

I've been experiencing a lot of down time in profit from this blog. At the beginning, things were roaring, but they've come to an almost complete halt. Can you, my readers, please send over some ideas of ways to monetize my blogs. I'd be happy to follow referral links so that we both benefit.

Please no pay per click type of sites.

I'm also looking to find more good sites with surveys that actually pay and don't cost me anything.

Thanks!! Please leave comments with whatever ideas you may have!

Make $7.50 just to review my post by clicking on this link:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Internet Junkie- smart ways to earn money

Smart ways to earn money online is a blog that really gives you the down-lows on how to make money online. I, myself, have spent so much time trying to find blogs that really lay everything out in ways that are simple enough to follow so that I really monetize my blog. This site really does just that.

My favorite part is that there are posts on this blog that help you avoid scams online. We all want to make money online and there are times when we end up taking a chance on different website, but we don’t have to do that anymore. smart ways to earn money online does the weeding out for you. You can rely on what is said here. If you sign up for all different things online to make money and especially if you have to pay something upfront, I wouldn’t do it without checking out this site first. If something is a scam, then you’ll find it here as a major site to avoid.

As well as what to avoid, there are majorly helpful tips on websites where you can actually make money. These different sites and opportunities for making money online are nicely outlined on this site. Just remember, that it would help this blog out a lot to use the referral links on the right hand side. If you decide to take advice, it’s easier and nicer to go through the links.

I really like this site, and will make sure to sign up for the RSS feed so that I can stay updated with what’s new in the money making world. You should do the same.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I had fun doing this

try out your typing speed with this cool test.

73 words

Touch Typing

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Make sure you read the rules!

When doing your blogging for money, make sure that you read all of the instructions and terms of the game. It's not fun to spend time writing a post just to have it rejected, so make sure you know the rules of the game.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

I’m super excited that I finally got approved for pay per post. Now I can make more money on my blog. I’m still learning the ins and outs, but it looks like this is the site that will give you the most opportunities to monetize your blogging. If you love to blog and you do it all the time, why not make money.

Payperpost pays 30 days after your post is approved, to insure that you didn’t write it and delete it. So don’t do that, because it’s just not fair. I highly recommend that you submit your blog for approval for payperpost, because once you get started, you can work on building your page rank and your alexa rating, which will then in turn allow for you to get over 100 dollars per post. Nothing wrong with that, right?

I found out about payperpost just how you are learning about it now. I was reading someone’s blog before I even had my own. Now, almost a year later, I’m happy to announce that I have joined the team and will now be able to maximize my profits, while writing about interesting topics. I’ve looked through the opportunities available here and they are way more interesting than on any other pay for posts services.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

And the winner is....


Get Paid to Blog
Easy money!
Paid weekly.

After just starting at the end of November, I have already made $116.80, which by far exceeds any opportunities I was given by any other site. Even at smorty, I haven't accepted every offer that has come in, which only means that there was potential to make even more. My numbers from other sites haven't changed. Click here to see my totals from all sites as of December 19, 2007.

Don't waste your time signing up for every possible, just go click upon to sign up for smorty. Oh and who wouldn't want to get paid weekly!!??!! Smorty transfers right over to your paypal every week.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sponsored Post- CSkills

Keep up to date with the new guidelines and rule for becoming certified in different areas of construction. This is the site to go to for construction career development. If you are interested in beginning a career like this, you should definitely start and finish here. You will know what goes into each licensing process, what kind of work study hours you need to complete and look at possible salary ranges for your field. Learn how to go about beginning your apprenticeship which is required for most licenses. You can even use this site to find a position for you to start with. Get links to different grants to make it a little easier for you to complete and begin your life in a new career. The best part of this site, I believe, is that you can go to one place to learn about all the required training and qualifications, instead of having to google it and worry about the validity of what you find.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sponsored Post - RB6 Nations Rugby!

Love rugby, but have no where to keep up with the rugby game? Check out the official webpage of RB6 nations. On the home page, you’ll find the latest updates on what’s going on in rugby world. If you are following a specific country, they have a separate tab for all of the countries involved. Sign up for their newsletter to get the latest updates straight to your inbox, or if you prefer, you can watch the latest clips, keep up with all the stats, check out the game schedules, or view the results just by checking out the site directly. If you are a major fan of a specific team, head on over to their country’s tab and download wallpapers for your desktop. Don’t have to time to read anything, because who really does these days? Check out the podcasts and have a listen while you’re at work (just wear headphones, and I promise your boss will never know).

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Google Analytics to track your traffic.

What do you use to track the traffic of your site?

I've found that google analytics has been the most helpful in allowing me to understand my traffic. When you sign up, you get some oode to put into your own html code for your blog. After that, you sign into you analytics page and watch the numbers.

There is a graph that shows you your daily visits. You can also monitor your pageviews, visits, average pages per visit, bounce rate, average time on site, and the percentage of new visits. You can see which of your pages are viewed most often and where your traffic is coming from.

I've found it really help me and now I know for a fact that I have readers.

Here's a sample of a few things you may see...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sponsored Post-

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