Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pick up

I am now seeing more and more opps being available through payperpost. SO if you're worried about having nothing available to you, just be patient. Hang in there bloggers! :)

LA Police Gear- SP

One stop shopping for the latest and most dependable police gear, this website points you directly to the best items out there, including under armour, holsters, Surefire new flashlights, and more. The site includes live help and is equipped with yahoo shopping. Take a look to find your favorite items and brands.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adsense Income?

I'm confused with how google adsense works. I have the code on my page, but when I look at the reports, it says that I have only had 17 or so page impressions. I also have google analytics installed on my page and when I run those reports, I see that I have many more pageviews and visits than 17. How do I make money through adsense? Am I just forgetting or missing an important part?

It's seems only harder to monetize.

I've been searching different blogs and have been having a really hard time finding new monetization opportunities. I'm not really sure what actually happened with the google page ranking, but I am seeing this to have had a huge impact on sponsored post offerings and the ability to make any sort of money through blogging.

Rapid Growth of Silver

Ever thought about investing in silver?

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