Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adsense Income?

I'm confused with how google adsense works. I have the code on my page, but when I look at the reports, it says that I have only had 17 or so page impressions. I also have google analytics installed on my page and when I run those reports, I see that I have many more pageviews and visits than 17. How do I make money through adsense? Am I just forgetting or missing an important part?


Kate@FullTiltBlogging.com said...

It's common for statistics programs to show differences. I don't think any of them are 100% accurate. It may depend on where the various tracking codes are on your page.

As for making money through adsense. It takes a LOT of patience, particularly for bloggers with low traffic (and particularly low google traffic).

Focus on building up the content and traffic on your blog and the rest should follow.

mxyzplk said...

yup its really need patience... I hope you can join me, im beginner to for blogging :D so we can share some new things...

Make Money Online Blogging said...

I didn't look too hard on your site for your adsense ads. One, you need to go by unique page views and not total page views. Unique means it was someone different every time. Also, you should place your analytics in the footer of your site, right above the /body tag. You want the code to load for every single page of your site. This way you can track what pages people are viewing.

It takes a while, and proper web design to start making money from Adsense. Ad placement has a huge impact. I also noticed you have a lot of "junk" all around the sides of your site. You should reduce the clutter. You should have only links to other pages of your site, and links that get you money. Basically you want anything someone can click on to have higher chances of them generating you money. The more junk they have to clickon will lower your click-through-ratio as they have a higher chance on clicking something else.

The text ads usually have a higher CTR, but a lower per click price. Banner ads usually pay more, but many people overlook them as most users are used to seeing ads.

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